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Centrum afrických studií

Center for African Studies

Center for African Studies was established in 2013 as a research center focused on the history, politics, and culture of Africa. As a part of the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, its main area of interest is Eastern, North-Eastern, and Western Africa. Our research includes African urbanism, architecture and material culture on the Swahili Coast, contemporary history and politics of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa, Czechoslovak-African relations, conflicts in Africa, etc.


International Conferences:

April 2013: Africa Days

October 2014: 1st Central European African Studies Conference

October 2015: Africa Days

June 2018: CRG AEGIS 4th Biennial African History Conference



Monika Baumanová, PhD.

is an Assistant Professor of African archaeology and undertakes research in historical and comparative archaeology with overlapping interests in human geography and architectural histories. Her research focuses primarily on urbanism, architecture, space and the sensory environment. She has held several international fellowships, including a Marie Curie Individual Global Fellowship, and has extensive experience with developing research projects on multiple European universities in the UK, Switzerland, Sweden and Germany.

Jan Záhořík, Associate Professor

is an Associate Professor of African History at the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, University of West Bohemia, in Pilsen. He has published books, journal articles, and book chapters on modern and contemporary history and politics of Ethiopia, conflicts in Sub-Saharan Africa, and European-African relations. He has lectured at many universities in Africa, Europe, and North America.

Jan Pěchota, PhD. Candidate

is researcher and the project manager at the Department of Middle Eastern Studies, University of West Bohemia, in Pilsen and PhD. Candidate on Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne. In his research he is focused on modern history of North Africa, Berber culture and identity, relations between Czechoslovakia and North Africa through history and contemporary migration and integration in the area of central Europe.